Prerana Shenoy

Physical Therapist

About me

Dr Prerana Shenoy has over 10 years of experience in Physical therapy. She obtained her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Montana and her Masters from University of Pittsburgh. She completed her first professional degree in physical therapy in India.

Her certifications include Graston technique (GT-1,GT-2), kinesio taping from Kinesio University(KTP-1,KTP-2,KTP-3), Craniosacral therapy from The Upledger institute (CST1,CST2)and Visceral manipulations from The Barral Institute (VM1,VM2,VM3,VM4).


She specializes in treating musculoskeletal conditions using a comprehensive approach for joint and soft tissue manipulation. With her vast knowledge attained through continuing education, she treats the patient as a whole and strongly believes in a holistic approach. Her keen interest in craniosacral manipulations has helped improve patients’ quality of life. Dr Shenoy motivates her patients to lead a balanced life with the help of exercises.In her Free time she is a passionate photographer and dancer.


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Ms. Prerana earned her Master’s Degree from The University of Pittsburgh with a concentration in musculoskeletal disorders. She has certification under Upledgers Institute in Cranio Sacral Therapy. Ms. Prerana has also completed visceral manipulations under Barral Institute ( VM1, VM2, VM3, VM4 ) and KT 1, KT2, KT3 under Kinesio University.


Ms. Prerana is a licensed Physical Therapist working at Optimum Rehab Physical Therapy.


  • Licensed Physical Therapist
  • Masters in Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Certified in Cranio Sacral therapy