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Rotator Cuff Injuries

What is the rotator cuff?

The rotator cuff is made up of the muscles and tendons in the shoulder. These muscles and tendons connect your upper arm bone with your shoulder blade. They also help hold the ball of your upper arm bone firmly in your shoulder socket. This combination results in the greatest range of motion of any joint in your body.

What is rotator cuff injury?

A rotator cuff injury includes any type of irritation or damage to your rotator cuff muscles or tendons. Causes of a rotator cuff injury may include falling, lifting and repetitive arm activities — especially those done overhead, such as throwing a baseball or placing items on overhead shelves.

Usually, a rotator cuff injury can heal with self-care measures or exercise therapy.


    • Pain and tenderness in the shoulder area, especially while reaching overhead, reaching behind your back, lifting, pulling or sleeping on the affected side
    • Shoulder weakness
    • Loss of shoulder range of motion
    • Inclination to keep your shoulder inactive

The most common symptom is pain. You may experience it when you reach up to comb your hair, bend your arm back to put on a jacket or carry something heavy. Lying on the affected shoulder also can be painful. If you have a severe injury, such as a large tear, you may experience continuous pain and muscle weakness.

Major causes of rotator cuff injuries

Any action that involves any type of irritation or damage to your rotator cuff muscles or tendons, including the following can cause the medical conditions prevalent for rotator cuff injuries.

    • Tendinitis. Tendons in your rotator cuff can become inflamed due to overuse or overload, especially if you're an athlete who performs a lot of overhead activities, such as in tennis or racquetball.
    • Bursitis. The fluid-filled sac (bursa) between your shoulder joint and rotator cuff tendons can become irritated and inflamed.
    • Strain or tear. Left untreated, tendinitis can weaken a tendon and lead to chronic tendon degeneration or to a tendon tear. Stress from overuse also can cause a shoulder tendon or muscle to tear.

      Common causes of rotator cuff injuries include:

      • Normal wear and tear
      • Poor posture
      • Falling on your arm
      • Lifting or pulling
      • Repetitive stress
      • Treatment

      Usually, treatment for rotator cuff injuries involves exercise therapy. Depending on the severity of the injury, physical therapy may take from several weeks to several months to reach maximum effectiveness.

      At Optimum Rehab our experienced Physical Therapist will detail you the exercise and treatment plans depending upon the extent of your injury and its severity. Exercises specific to improving the flexibility of the rotator cuff and strengthening of the shoulder muscles are advised.

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