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Tel: (917) 267-7470
Tel: (917) 267-7470

Physical Therapy

It seems just about everyone, sooner or later, experiences an injury or undergoes a surgery that requires physical therapy.

Whether youre rehabilitating from an accident or doing post-op work to regain your range of motion, our NYC physical therapy offices have the experienced, licensed staff and state-of-the-art equipment you need to get back to peak condition quickly and safely.

One of the main concerns we hear from patients whove been referred to us for treatment is that theyre busy and unsure whether they have time for therapy multiple times a week. At Optimum Rehab, we understand your fast-paced lifestyle.

Our Wall Street physical therapy location is ideally situated for busy professionals who need to get in, out, and back to business quickly. Whether you visit us there or at our Upper East Side physical therapy office, you can be confident well do our best to minimize wait times and maximize the results you achieve.

What Does Physical Therapy Entail?

There are many techniques and methods in the physical therapy field, and some are better suited to specific body challenges than others. For example, for many people working in New York City, physical therapy is a necessity because they have developed back problems after years of commuting or working at a desk without sitting correctly or taking proper breaks.

It only makes sense that the treatment approaches for these patients would be different from the individualized treatment plans we develop for patients in our Wall Street physical therapy office. who are recovering from knee surgery or those seeking treatment for tendonitis on the Upper East Side.

Physical Therapy Is An Individualized Activity

Every person and every situation requires careful evaluation, and our experienced professionals will walk you through your options and help you reach your goals. We offer several general forms of physical therapy:

Whether youre seeking treatment for accident-related injuries, bursitis, neck or back pain, tendonitis, or arthritis, whether you have a simple strain or need post-surgical rehabilitation, Optimum Rehab is the place for physical therapy New York City.

Make an appointment at our Wall Street or Upper East Side location today to start your rehab.

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