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Tel: (917) 267-7470
Tel: (917) 267-7470

Personal Training

At Optimum Rehab, we believe that personal training is integral to a successful fitness program.

When a professional trainer develops a workout plan thats just right for you and coaches you along the way, youre more likely to see results.

That means youre more likely to stick with it and continue working out long-term.

Why Seek Personal Training at A Wall Street Physical Therapy Office?

When youre undergoing physical therapy, there are special considerations a personal trainer must take into account in order to develop a safe and effective workout plan for you.

At both of our NYC physical therapy locations, our trainers work with our physical therapists and other team members to create workout plans that go beyond the standard gym fare. They learn your history, know your therapy goals, understand the physical challenges youre going through, and work to help you improve your fitness while reinforcing the positive results of your ongoing therapy.

Our personal trainers are experienced, licensed professionals who contribute as part of your overall wellness team.

Personal Training Improves Your Long-Term Health And Wellness

Quite simply, the healthier you are, the better. When youre in good physical condition, you get sick less, you recover from illnesses faster, you recuperate from injuries more easily, and youre less likely to develop the many serious health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Having a set appointment with a personal trainer creates a sense of accountability and responsibility that is often just the motivation people need to start and stay with a solid fitness plan.

For many busy professionals such as our clients on Wall Street, physical therapy is already taking them away from the office, and getting across town to the gym as well just doesnt fit into the schedule because its simply not convenient. So having personal training available right at our downtown or Upper East Side physical therapy office actually makes it possible for you to have therapy, get in a workout, and still get back to the office in a reasonable time period.

At Optimum Rehab, your goals are our goals. Were here to help you get well, stay well, and live well.

Make an appointment at our Wall Street or Upper East Side location today to start your rehab.

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